Accelerated Development

AEM Development and Infrastructure Management Platform

A full-service DevOps platform with a 99.9% SLA that gives you easy to provision AEM environments with an intuitive admin dashboard, a CLI, and Git driven configuration; making it easy for everyone touching your AEM projects.

Continuous Delivery

Full build pipeline integrated with your Git repository using OAuth.

Cloud Agnostic

Kubernetes based architecture tested for Amazon Web Service, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or VMWare.

(including on-premise)

On-Demand Environments

New environments at the the press of a button whether from the AEM Cloud CLI or web interface.

AEM Cloud command line interface


Simple and Consistent

Develop on Docker images driven by the same configurations as production and enabled with a suite of AEM tools to make your job easier. If you’re a web developer, you can stop using maven builds and your content will always be in sync with your AEM repository. Sound nice? It is!


Fast and Reliable

What you need: 99.9% SLA, 24/7 support, patches and updates, comprehensive monitoring, log management, backups and restores, performance testing, simple deploys and rollbacks.

What you want: Simplified deploys and rollbacks, content portability using our backup tools and package manager, self-service domain and URL management, security hardening following CIS Benchmarks, complete cdn integration

AEM Cloud supported by the Hoodoo team

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